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With over 20 years’ experience in destination and event management, Intours orchestrates incentive programs, product launches and conferences in Montenegro with flexibility and intimate local knowledge.


The diversity of Montenegro's natural beauty is mirrored by its tourism offer, including its luxury hotels. Some of the world's top brands offer idyllic waterfront comfort, while special event venues include historic buildings, open air spots in national parks, modern properties and pop up venues.

Intours DMC will help select the appropriate and tailor the setting to your event. Add quality content with an enviable contrast of activities, from water sports on the coast to an adrenaline rush in those forbidding mountains.

Product launches

Thinking of James Bond's Casino Royale grand selection of vehicles, Montenegro is an ideal choice for product launches. Choose from a rapidly-expanding range of 5-star hotels or select special venues ranging from the historic to contemporary chic, industrial or custom-made for your event. The serpentine roads, rugged mountain roads and scenic coastal routes make for the perfect car product launch with different driving experiences for different types of cars.

Business meetings

Montenegro's expanding portfolio of luxury hotels is bringing even more choice for conferences and meetings. Each major hotel has conference facilities, with the largest single room able to hold some 700 delegates. Many offer multiple conference rooms of differing sizes, allowing you to choose the right one for your event or to plan simultaneous events in different rooms. Intours has excellent knowledge of what is on offer and we will guide you to find your perfect conference solution.

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