Incentives and meetings in Dubrovnik

Croatia's most famous destination, whose old town provides limitless stunning event options, while five-star hotels and conference facilities match the spectacular setting.


Event planners from all over the world continue to rave about Dubrovnik as a great destination for groups seeking a Mediterranean venue. And with good reason, for Dubrovnik has it all. Charming, extremely compact, with superb accommodation and excellent gastronomy, the city's special magic is synonymous with successful events. The activities in the historic city, islands nearby and charming hinterland will compliment your event needs perfectly.


Explore Dubrovnik's old town like no other. Why not abseil down its famous walls, indulge in a culinary tour of its narrow streets or film your own movie in its famous film locations? Embrace the sun and sea in an old galleon, fast speedboat or relaxed SUP. And then explore the traditional Dalmatian lifestyle in a colourful Renault 4, sturdy jeep or an electric car. Dubrovnik's combination of the old town and quick escape to the islands or hinterland makes it the ultimate flexible event and activity destination.

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Become acquainted with the famous Dubrovnik culinary experience by sampling the wares of the city's most celebrated chefs, against the backdrop of the stunning views . Embrace the relaxed lifestyle of the locals, where food and wine are king and sample our local Dalmatian delicacies. And don't miss the wine, an important component of Dubrovnik life, best explored in a tutored tasting at­ a private vineyard picnic or any other special location.

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