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16 November 2023 Incentive travel

Description of the target group - market niche

The program Neotkrivena hrvatska - Undiscovered Croatia is intended for the market of the Far East - Asia. As the official and only regional partner of one of the largest Asian tour operators MIKI TRAVEL (confirmation attached) - Intours DMC has prepared a program for special interest groups, the so-called. leisure groups with a concentration of stay in the winter, i.e. pre/post season period: from October (10th month) to April (4th month).

Considering previous experience in work and bringing groups from the market of the Far East, Intours DMC has prepared a program that combines: visits to the main tourist resources of the Republic of Croatia, and which in nature are still the main motive for the arrival of guests from that market to the Republic of Croatia, but at the same time includes tourist resources and destination experiences, which we are firmly convinced will become an additional motive and generator of increased visits from these groups in the above-mentioned before / after seasonal period, ie from October to April, for which we already have previous experience. Namely, Intours DMC was a regional partner of the large world tour operator KUONI - Asia in the pre-Covid period, and provided the so-called "ground service support" for 800 - 1,250 groups on an annual basis.

Description of content - activities included in the program

Tour of Zagreb, the old city center and traditional crafts; tour and overnight stay in Nature Parks and National Parks; presentation of the rural part of Croatia, i.e. Slavonia and nature parks; tour of traditional crafts in Zagreb and Split; tour of the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center - Smiljan; tour of the Underground City in Paklenica National Park; tour of the Sea Organ and Greetings to the Sun in Zadar; transfer to Sibenik's old city center by sea through the St. Ante Canal; tour of Šibenik; tour of the Sokol Center (backcountry of Šibenik); tour of Our Lady of Loreto - Primošten; a tour of Primošten Burni, and lunch at the Bućulov Dvor household and a presentation of traditional life from the preparation of bread, woolen wool, and the preparation of traditional dishes; Split - tour of the core and traditional crafts: filigree; tour of Kaštela - the story of Crljenko and Zinfandel with included tasting in one of the wineries: Bedalov, Matela, Vučica; tour of Klis and the plant for the preparation of traditional Stella Croatica desserts; Muć, Dalmatian Zagora: visit to the traditional craft of knife making; a visit to Dugopolje, the old Roman roads, with a traditional lunch and tasting of prosciutto in the Plazibat OPG household with a previous folklore performance by KUD Pleter in the amphitheater in front of the church of St. Roko, a visit to the Vranjača Cave and a klapa concert in the cave; visit to Sinj, Alkarski dvori; visit to Kamešnica near Sinj and participation in the traditional carnival custom of the Cetinje region: Didi from Kamešnica; stop in Tučepi, Sapunerija Rustica – natural soap making workshop; visit to Hodilje - the Gulf of Ston and the oyster farm of the Ficović family; Dubrovnik tour of the old city center with the option of choosing a thematic tour: historical tour, Dubrovnik film (Hollywood) tour, Dubrovnik Through War; visit to Konavle: OPG Mujo and workshop "Cooking witouht Electricty", visit to the atelier of Antonija Rusković and Konavle lace workshop.






• Fly in Zagreb (via Frankfurt, London, Munich, EU hubs)

• Transfer to Samobor, welcome lunch

• Half-day tour of the nature park Žumberak Samoborsko gorje.

• Dinner and overnight - Jastrebarsko



• Departure to the Lonjsko polje nature park

• All-day sightseeing of the nature park and the Gajna Nature Reserve

• Late afternoon departure to Slavonski Brod, short sightseeing of the city

• Dinner and overnight in Slavonski Brod



• Departure to the Papuk nature park

• All-day sightseeing of the Papuk Nature Park

• In the afternoon, a visit to the City Museum of Čazm with an introduction to the Moslavina heritage

• Dinner and overnight in Ivanić Grad



• Departure to Medvednica Nature Park

• Half-day sightseeing of the Nature Park

• Afternoon visit to Zagreb with a visit to traditional crafts

• Dinner and overnight in Zagreb



• Departure for Dalmatia

• Stop Smiljani: Nikola Tesla Memorial Center – professional tour

• Lunch: Gospić on the family farm

• Continuation to Paklenica National Park

• Paklenica National Park and a tour of the Underground City with a presentation

• Continuation to Zadar

• Zadar hotel accommodation:

• Stop Zadar - tour of the old town with a visit to: Museum of Glass, Sea Organ and Salutation to the Sun (early evening hours/for the effect of the installation)

• Dinner Zadar (old city center); overnight stay in Zadar



• Departure for Split

• On the way, a tour of the Primošten Burni area with a visit to the ethnographic museum located in Jurlinov dvor, and a visit and lunch at the family farm "Baćulov dvor" with a presentation of the traditional skills of spinning wool and other fabrics...

• Continuation towards Split

• Stop Primošten viewpoint Our Lady of Loreto, visit and photo stop.

• Continuation to Split

• Stop Kaštela – the story of Crljenko and Zinfandel with included tasting in one of the wineries

• Split arrival - hotel accommodation: Hotel Le Meridien, Hotel Radisson, Hotel Park,

• Tour of the city center of Split with tasting of: traditional liqueurs (rakija) - Luxor cafe on Peristil, chocolates in the Nadalina shop located in the Diocletian's Palace itself, visit to bar Uje and tasting of oils, traditional snacks and spreads

• Dinner in Split in the old city center; overnight stay Split



• Departure towards Klis

• Tour of the fortress on Klis

• Departure to Stella Croatica - a plant for the production of traditional Dalmatian delicacies, sweets, spices with a tour of the botanical garden and museum, exhibition space and a replica of a traditional Dalmatian village/village located within the plant itself.

• Departure to the Vranjača Cave in Kotlenice

• Vranjača Cave – secret concert of the local band in the cave

• Departure to Dugopolje and OPG Plazibat

• On the way to Dugopolje - stop Amphitheatre, Church of St. Roko at the entrance to Dugopolje from the direction of Kotlenica. A short stop with a short dance program by the local KUD Pleter, presentation of traditional dances and singing (ojanje, rera, ganga) of Dalmatian Zagora.

• Visit to OPG Plazibat with prosciutto tasting and traditional lunch

• Return to Split with a short stop and a tour of the old Roman roads that led to Salona

• Solin / Salona stop with the tour

• Split hotel, dinner

• Overnight in Split



• Departure to Sinj

• Departure for Muć and a tour of the knife-making workshop owned by Ivan Dadić with a presentation and active participation in nurturing traditional crafts. Possibility of a course in the making of certain items such as key chains to impart knowledge of ancient forging methods.

• Continuation towards Sinj.

• Sinj tour of the old city center, the Alkar Palace and the Alkar Museum.

• Lunch in the old city center

• NOTE "Didi from Kamešnica": During the period of January, February and March, it is possible to organize the presentation and performance of the traditional carnival customs of "Didi from Kamešnica"

• Departure to Makarska

• Arrival in Makarska, dinner at the hotel and overnight stay



• OPTION 1: Biokovo Nature Park - organized departure and tour of the Skywalk, weather permitting

• OPTION 2: Departure to Tučepi with a tour, visit and workshop at a factory specializing in the production of natural soaps - Sapunerija Rustica (Zero waste, eco-friendly, cruelty free, vegan, sustainable, artisan, handmade, familymade) Croatian natural cosmetics. Location: in a family tavern or at a prearranged location.

• Continuation towards Ston and Maloston Bay.

• Sailing in the Maloston Bay, visit to the oyster farm of the Ficović family in Hodilje, with lunch at OPG Ficović Hodilje.

• After lunch, continue the journey towards Dubrovnik.

• Hotel accommodation: Hotel Excelsior, Hotel Hilton....

• Tour of the old city center in the afternoon with the possibility of booking a personalized thematic tour: historical tour, Dubrovnik film (Hollywood) tour, Dubrovnik Through War

• Dinner in the old city center

• Overnight in Dubrovnik


DAY 10

• Tour of the walls of Dubrovnik

• Departure to Konavle

• Tour of Konavle by bus with the OPG Mujo stop, presentation of the way of life and customs of Konavle, with a tour and preparation of lunch in a vineyard (weather permitting) according to the principle of "Cooking without Electricity"

• After lunch, visit to Atelier Antonija Rusković; tour and workshop on silk

• Return to Dubrovnik in the afternoon,

• Dubrovnik: hotel dinner

• Overnight in Dubrovnik


DAY 11

• Transfer to Dubrovnik airport

• Departure



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