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Sustainable travel in Slovenia
17 December 2020 MICE

Get to know how Intours DMC is trying to minimize the CO2 footprint and waste of resources effectively.


Mission statement

Intours DMC is committed to improving our environmental performance, minimizing negative environmental impacts and bringing positive results for the local communities. We are working within the team and with our partners for more sustainability and good relationship with local communities. Our objective is to offer more and more sustainable programs, and in this way, we promote and actively contribute to the sustainable development of the tourism industry.

Sustainable policy

1. Intours DMC is committed to improving our environmental performance, minimizing negative environmental impacts and bringing positive results for the local communities.

2. We are developing a high environmental corporate culture, which is reflected in all our activities and business operations. The key considerations related to: 
- Energy efficiency (investing in energy-saving technologies, applying energy-efficient practices ...)
- Water conservation (reducing overall water consumption, promoting tap water consumption ...)
- Waste management (stated procedures for waste disposal, including reducing consumption of waste, recycling, re-using)
- Environmental purchasing (using local suppliers, favouring environmentally friendly suppliers and products, ...)
- Local community initiatives (supporting initiatives to improve the local livelihood ...)

3. All employees receive training regarding their role in the management of environmental and safety practices. They are encouraged to participate in local community initiatives and propose sustainable practices in the workplace.

Public reporting on sustainability measures and progress

Energy consumption
Our offices are in a renovated building. We do not have or use air conditioning or any other such device. Instead, our offices are heated or cooled by a system of water tubes and pumps that pump the water around the building, forming a closed and sustainable low energy consumption system for heating and cooling the offices.
Lights and computers are strictly switched off after office hours by the last person that leaves the office. We only use LED lights in our offices.
Paper usage
We rarely print promotional materials, and if we do, it is in a limited amount, on FSC paper by inhouse copy machines. We have a policy of limiting printing usage to a minimum.

Water consumption
Only tap water is used in the office. Water consumption is minimal and limited to personal use in the kitchen and toilets.

Waste policy
Waste disposal in the company is done in a way that all the waste is separated to be recycled. We have separate bins for each of the following wastes such as plastic, bio, paper and glass.

Our company complies with a sector-wide collective labour working conditions and the national legislation. All employees have an employment contract, including labour conditions and a job description.

We favour suppliers that offer sustainable local products that can be verified as such and proposed to our clients as examples of businesses that help develop the local community

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