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The best glue for your team: a night outside of the hotel
06 February 2018 Incentive travel

Did you ever go camping as a kid? Did you ever make a tent in your house and had a sleepover with your friends? We sure did and it was so much fun! Sleeping in unusual places connects us as a team and makes us feel closer than ever. A perfect place to bring your team relationships to another level is Velo Grablje, a small village on Hvar island, that will make you want to stay there forever.


Feel, smell, touch

The first thing you will notice is the smell of lavender all around you. Velo Grablje village is a worldwide phenomenon in the terms of lavender production and it even hosts the lavender festival in June. It is completely private – in the middle of nowhere, which gives the village an extremely relaxed, laid-back feeling. Destress and relax with a nice book, brainstorm on a fresh Mediterranean air to boost your creativity and spoil your taste buds with fresh local delights.

Conference or a party? Have it both!

The village is only 10 km from Hvar city and it is really worth spending a night there. During the day, it is a great place for a team meeting or a small conference in nature, that allows you to have lunch in a local style. local products, fresh fruit, vegetables, spices will mesmerize you with its taste. Dine in a local tavern, spend the night in old traditional houses and wake up to a complete zen: peace, light wind, green scenery, lavender smell and complete calmness.

Interested in bringing your team to Hvar island, the sunniest island in Croatia and taking them to Velo Grablje village? Ping us at and we will prepare you a nicely crafted programme, tailor-made for your team needs.

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