Interview with Anamarija Kusalo: finest of Dubrovnik venues
23 March 2018 Incentive travel

Dubrovnik only has 50.000 inhabitants, but it has a truly surprising amount of venues, that are perfect for incentive events of practically any size, from 15 to 1500 people. From huge hotel venues, small hidden local corners, monasteries you can privatize – there is a different style for every taste. Anamarija Kusalo, our senior project manager and a local from Dubrovnik, has been in incentive business for the past 7 years and she offered us a sneak-peak in Dubrovnik’s best venues.

You're a local in Dubrovnik. How would you describe it to someone that has not been there yet?

Anamarija: I lived in the Old Town as a child and for me, Dubrovnik symbolizes a carefree childhood and complete freedom. Dubrovnik is a city of amazing beauty, full of classical architecture with a century-old story behind every stone and the the Adriatic Sea behind the city walls.

Dubrovnik offers several different venues for events. Which venues do you most commonly use for the events with your team?

Anamarija: Just a few venues worth mentioning are Fort Lovrijenac, Fort Revelin, Sponza Palace, Rector’s Palace, Franciscan Monastery, Restaurant Klarisa in the former Monastery of St. Klara, Theatre Marin Drzic, Lazareti, Park Orsula … The choice of the venue really depends of the group and you need to feel the group to know, what to offer. All venues have their special energy but most commonly Fort Lovrijenac is the one that charms our clients the most due to its stunning views. Outside of the Old Town, we commonly use Park Orsula that offers the view of the Old Town on the palm of your hand.

Every venue has its story. Which one is your favourite and why?

Anamarija: My favourite story is Fort Lovrijenac, since it is nicely connected to freedom, which is the most precious thing we have today. In the time of the Republic of Dubrovnik, it played the most important role in the defence of the Old Town, protecting the soldiers and the inhabitants.

In incentive business, creativity is everything and finding a perfect venue is sometimes a challenge. Can you share an example, when you had to be really creative to make something work out?

Anamarija: Oh yes! Sometimes you don’t have all the necessary information regarding the purpose of the venue, that the clients need. One time, agent and client came on site inspection, looking for the cocktail reception venue before dinner. We were checking all possible venues and Sponza Palace was the preferred one, but they didn’t really seem convinced. When I finally managed to squeeze out that the purpose of the venue is actually an opera recital, the first thing on my mind was a local theatre. We did not plan to see this venue at all, but we went there and once they stepped inspire they fell in love with it: its atmosphere, the stage, the piano - it was just perfect.

A great team is the best thing that you can have. How would you describe Intours DMC team in Dubrovnik?

Anamarija: Simply one big happy family!

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